Booster Club – Join Now

SPEAR LEVEL – $50 (Includes Window Decal, Name Recognition)
BRAVE LEVEL – $75 (Includes Spear Perks Plus Concession Stand Punch Card)
TRIBE LEVEL – $100 (Includes Brave Perks Plus, T-Shirt, and Chance for Reserved Parking)
INDIAN LEVEL – $185.00 (Includes Tribe Perks Plus, Family Activities Pass(up to 5 passes))
WARRIOR LEVEL – $250 (Includes Indian Perks Plus, Reserved Parking and Fathead of Player)
CHIEF LEVEL – $500 (Includes Warrior Perks Plus, Another T-Shirt and 2 Sideline Passes to One Home Game)

Select Membership:
Adult Shirt Size #1 For Tribe, Indian, or Warrior Levels
Adult Shirt Size #2 Chief Level Only