• Holt Football Yard Signs

    Order a Holt Football 2020 Yard Sign today to show your love and support of Indian Nation Football and/or your favorite football player! Signs can be ordered with or without a player’s name. $20 per sign and an additional $5 for player’s name. Use the link to order online. All orders are due by August 15th!

  • Weight Room is Open January 6th!

    Weight Training for Holt Football players not in winter sports starts Monday, January 6th from 2:30-4PM, occurring M-Th each week! Current 8th graders planning to play Freshman football are also invited to participate!

  • 2019 All Conference Holt Selections


    December 8, 2019 | Holt High School | Time 2:00 PM – 5:30 PM

  • A huge THANK YOU to everyone that participated in Holt Football’s 1st Military Night!

    Jill Duke – Holt Football Board Member

  • Six Star 2022 Standout Colin Bunner WR

    Extremely productive receiver from Holt who brings terrific size and great hands.

  • Six Star 2022 Standout Jackson Smith WR

    One of the most productive receivers in the state.

  • Clayton Reed Holt Linebacker – 2020

    One of STL’s Top Linebackers

  • STL Post Dispatch Athlete Of the Week – COOPER BROWN

    Cooper Brown – Athlete of the Week

  • Holt Football Making History

    Best Start in Two Decades

  • Holt Off to Best Start in Years

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    Adult Shirt Size #1 For Tribe, Indian, or Warrior Levels
    Adult Shirt Size #2 Chief, Elite Levels Only
  • 2020 Holt Football Summit

  • Upcoming 2020 Season Dates